On a whim I decided to add a blog to my website, and now I’m wuntitled-356ondering what was I thinking!! I have the worlds worst grammar and spelling, and what interesting stuff will I write about? But life is to short, to worry, so here I go my first post.

As this is all new I should say  WELCOME to the lilac apple blog,  I hope you enjoy the ride! I aim to fill these pages  with snippets of my life with 4 gorgeous but crazy kids, a husband who works long hours driving trucks, life in my back yard and small country town. And all of the things that inspires me to create.

Today is the day after my boy’ 2nd birthday, and we’re relaxing at my mum & dads. Mum and Miss 5 are doing jigsaw puzzles that once once belonged to me and my sisters. Mr 2 is sleeping with no nappy (being 2 is hard work, toilet training, staying up late , being cheeky & partying)!! Miss 3 1/2 is supposed to be sleeping, but she’s pulling faces in mar mars dresser mirror!! This is a very typical lazy Sunday, spent the same way asuntitled-58-2 many family’s. But what resonates the most, is the precious memories that are being made, between different generations.

I think this will do for my first post, i hope you enjoyed

xx Sal.